Jewellery Design and Production Consultancy Services

Victoria Barker and Associates is offering a unique blend of multiple award winning design skills and progressive manufacturing knowledge to the jewellery industry in London and beyond.

Why use the Victoria Barker Consultancy?

Our consultancy is young; our creative fires burn strong. Passion and obsession mean that Victoria Barker and Associates are always experimenting with new materials and techniques.

For example: we have successfully cast and gold-plated aluminium with stunning results for the fashion industry. We have developed a method to cast complex jump-rings linked together, reducing the need for laser/soldering. We view CAD / CAM as a liberating and precision instrument.

Twenty-first century production methods combined with our trusted network of traditional specialists such as mounters, setters and polishers create the perfect environment to develop new collections or expand existing ones. Your original concept remains true and as importantly stays squarely within your time and budget constraints.

When designing and manufacturing complex, individual pieces and collections, challenges can arise, so it’s good to have a well-informed and reliable consultant on hand to navigate and smooth the bumps in the road.

When it comes to design, Victoria is uniquely qualified to offer her advice having won multiple awards, all with a view to taking a concept from the drawing board to the showroom floor, or indeed, the catwalk. Her fashion sense has allowed her to work around the globe alongside world renowned models, photographers and stylists to help create stunning and effective editorial images.

This knowledge can assist in the following areas.

The most suitable design and production techniques for the job in hand.

Access to a network of some of the finest technicians and craftspeople in the UK.

Editorial photographic and 3D Product Images Including High End Rendering.

Gemstone Sourcing, Evaluation and Secure storage.

Resource management, cost and time planning.

E-commerce and website development.

Naturally, your projects confidentiality is assured and respected via a comprehensive non-disclosure agreement.

+44(0)7940 206709

+44(0)7940 206709


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All rights reserved 2023 - Victoria Barker Fine Jewellery